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Mission Statement

Working and learning with the Historic Ville Neighborhood of North Saint Louis, we bring people together to build relationships, support, educate, inspire, and promote positive change.

Claver House Programs

We offer educational enrichment programs for 50+ youth. These include Saturday activities at Claver House,  a STEAM summer camp, and an after-school partnership with local Hickey Elementary School.  We operate a monthly distribution of nonperishable foods, fruit, vegetables, and hygiene products to 75 residents as well as a weekly delivery of 25 warm meals to neighborhood Seniors and families.  We maintain a community garden that beautifies the area, serves as an informal meeting space, and provides nutritious food available to all at no cost. We are the founder and a backbone organizational member of the Ville Collaborative, which touches several hundred residents and betters the neighborhood. Volunteers are critical to our efforts, and we encourage and challenge them in their service learning, offering them the opportunity to live in community at Claver House.  We currently engage over 100 volunteers throughout the year. Claver House is our identity and center of operation. We have initiated a facility improvement program to ensure it remains a safe, functional, homelike, and loving space.

2023 Claver House Goals



  • Expand our partnership with Hickey Elementary

  • Build up Claver House Saturday  participation to pre-Covid levels

  • Increase the content and academic quality of our STEAM Summer Camp

Read and Feed

  • Double our monthly food distribution amounts

  • Increase our food donor base and partnerships

  • Improve our process efficiency

  • Increase neighborhood awareness of our food program

  • Involve more volunteers and residents in growing fresh foods

Resident Community

  • Partner with universities to  ensure groups of 6-8 residents each for spring, fall, and summer semesters.

Community Garden

  • Grow more food

  • Further beautify the garden

  • Increase use of the garden as a place to socialize with neighbors

  • Add more learning activities at the garden

Facility Improvement

  • Complete Phase I of improvement program

  • Rebuild backyard porch

  • Replace/Repair roof

Three Year Strategic Goals

  • Hire a director to provide administrative and organizational support for all CH programs

  • Reinvigorate a Claver House resident and non-resident, service-learning community by developing a curriculum and providing necessary administrative support

  • Address significant Claver House facility needs

  • Expand financial support through grant writing and donor relations

  • Develop and formalize administrative procedure

  • Establish leadership succession planning

  • Leverage our collaboration relationships to support program growth

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