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Our Mission 

Working and learning with the Historic Ville Neighborhood of North Saint Louis, we bring people together to build relationships, support, educate, inspire, and promote positive change. - Revitalization 2000, Inc. Mission Statement


Founded in 1998, Revitalization 2000, Inc. (“R2K”) builds empowering relationships with residents of the Ville neighborhood of North St. Louis.  We serve as a bridge between them and the broader region so that together we might build a better neighborhood and a better St. Louis.

The home base of R2K, Claver House broadens horizons and builds kinship. Recognizing the dignity of all persons, we help dissolve economic, racial, and cultural barriers. We do this by:

  1. Offering science and literacy-based enrichment activities to grade school age youth in a safe, home-like, loving      environment.

  2. Providing a service-learning environment for volunteers that promotes faith and justice.

  3. Engaging with residents, helping one person at a time, giving them what they need, and doing so with kindness and respect.

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